Accelerated Master's

How to apply

There are thousands of accelerated master’s degree options available at ASU. You can choose a master's degree option that's from the same discipline as your undergraduate major or one from a different discipline.

What to expect

The accelerated master's program allows you to take up to 12 credit hours of graduate-level courses as an undergraduate student that count toward both your undergraduate and graduate degree requirements. You should start this process early, as a first-year student or sophomore.

Here is a sample of the milestones you should be achieving each year in order to be on the accelerated path to program completion.

  1. Undergraduate first year:
    • Review the accelerated master’s degree program options.
  2. Undergraduate sophomore year:
    • Talk to an academic advisor to discuss your program of interest.
  3. Undergraduate junior year:
    • Meet GPA and other requirements specific to your program of interest.
    • Meet with your accelerated program advisor to discuss the application process.
  4. Undergraduate senior year:
    • Complete graduate courses and apply for admission to the graduate program.
    • Get admitted to the graduate program and complete your undergraduate degree.
  5. Graduate year:
    • Complete your graduate degree program

List of accelerated master's program options

Because every program is specialized, the best way to find out if an accelerated master’s program is right for you is to talk to an advisor. Find the right contact by finding your program of interest from the list of colleges below.

Pre-approved accelerated master's combinations have designated points of contact on both the undergraduate and graduate sites. Select the college below that offers the master's degree you're interested in, find your undergraduate program, and contact the advisor listed to find out how to apply.